Cost For A Tailored Mens Suit

It used to be that having a suit custom made was a privilege that was reserved for the rich and famous. Today, though, this is no longer the case. Custom made suits are now obtainable for men from all walks of life and they can be made to fit not only most body types but also most budgets. In fact, one national trade group of custom tailors and designers estimate that custom-made suits account for a total of 20 to 25 percent of all men's suit sales in the United States.

The Difference is in the Details

A custom made men's suit is exactly what it sounds like: a suit that is custom made specifically for someone’s proportions and body type and is tailored to fit perfectly. This is a good option for men who are hard to fit, as well as for those who simply appreciate the fact that custom tailored clothing just looks more expensive and feels more comfortable than clothing that is bought right off the racks.

When you decide to have a men's suit custom made, you get to play an essential role in the design process, from selecting the cut of the suit to the fabric, texture and weight it will be made in and the details that you want it to include. This is a huge advantage over buying a men's suit that is already made and leaves no option for you to express your own taste.

Generally, when investing in a custom men's suit, you will want to select a classic style and fabric so it won’t go out of date any time soon. By working closely with an experienced custom tailor, you can achieve the best suit for your body type and your lifestyle and hopefully will get a product that will last you for a long, long time.

Some of the details that can help to distinguish a custom men's suit from one you can buy off the rack include:

  • Fine stitching with silk thread
  • Reinforced on the seams
  • High-quality zipper
  • Neat stitching on the buttonholes
  • Expensive buttons that are sewn on tightly
  • Pockets lined in with rayon or cotton inside
  • Wool lining on the jacket collar to help it sit well
  • Well-done cuffs and crotch area
  • High-quality fabric and lining
  • Exceptional finishing

In addition, most custom suit jackets sport a special buttonhole on the front of the collar, which signifies to the rest of the world that this has been specially made for you.

The Custom Process

Cost For A Tailored Mens Suit

Many tailors have their own way of custom making a men's suit for their clients, so the procedure can vary from place to place. A typical process, however, usually begins with an initial meeting with the tailor to discuss your desire to custom order a suit and to talk about what you like and dislike and what you expect of the final product. Some men bring in magazine pictures of men's suit styles they like and want to replicate, while others aren’t sure of what they want at first and prefer to look at the tailor’s sample books for ideas.

Some of the materials that can be used for a custom men's suit include wool, tweed, cashmere, gabardine, silk mohair, linen and a variety of other fine fabrics. The tailor can show you samples of these and other materials and let you select the one you want him to use, or you can bring in a swatch of something special that you would like him to match. In addition, you can request the color and pattern, including checked, solid, pinstriped and flecked.

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