You’ve probably noticed that many celebrities change their hairstyles as easily as they change their clothes and shoes. Perhaps one day, your favorite actress has short sassy hair, and the next day, she suddenly appears with long, luscious locks. Wonder what the trick is? It’s likely the work of a very skilled hair stylist and some high quality hair extensions.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Want longer hair? Fuller? Highlights? Carefully applied hair extensions can accomplish these and a variety of other style goals. How seamlessly these strands of hair blend into your own, and how natural they look, depends on the quality of the hair, the color match, and how well they are attached. Further, when you invest in a good set of extensions and have them professionally applied, they should last for up to several months or more, before they need to be removed.

Going To Great Lengths

Cost For Hair Extensions

Most women prefer extensions made from human hair, because you can treat these as you would your own hair, dying the color, blow drying, curling and cutting to get the effect you desire. That’s why many salons use this option today. It’s important to know that there are different grades within human hair, though, so you’ll need to make sure you are getting the quality you expect. Lower quality human hair extensions are likely to become very dry and brittle and matte quickly, while high quality hair will be more expensive but will also maintain a healthy luster and shine for the best results.

You can also find synthetic extensions, which are less costly, but they are also much more limiting, too, since they can’t be treated with heat. This means you can’t blow dry or curl them. They will also have a bit different finish than human hair, so they won’t match up quite as well. (However, if you have a smaller budget, want to use the extensions to create a simple up-do, or plan to wear the extensions only for a short time period, buying a clip-on extension made from synthetic hair may be perfectly adequate for you.)

You should also know that any extensions you select should be the same or lighter weight than your own hair. This is an important point, since very heavy extensions can actually break your natural hair. That’s why regardless of what type of hair extensions you select you select, the healthier your own head of hair is, the better you are likely to fare.

What To Look For

Cost For Hair Extensions

Many high-end hair salons have at least one stylist on staff who is skilled at applying hair extensions. Many work with individual strands, which can be more time intensive than larger using larger areas of hair, but smaller sections usually yield the most natural results.

Just make sure that anyone you used is highly experienced in whatever technique they plan to use because if not attached properly and removed properly, you run a serious risk of having hair extensions damage your natural hair beyond repair.

To try to avoid this scenario, always ask lots of questions up front so you understand the stylist’s plan for attachment and removal. Also ask for photos of his or her work so you can be sure you like the results achieved. Finally, ask for a price quote up front, since what you can expect to spend can span a wide range.

To locate a stylist trained in applying extensions and find out what your options are, you can call reputable salons in your area, ask friends for recommendations or do a search online. You can also use an online directory such as that offered by the Hair Extensions Resource Center.

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