Do you change your handbag as often as you change your clothes? Or do you prefer to invest in that one perfect bag that you can use all the time? Kate Spade handbags can help you accomplish either of these goals and will give you a stylish edge that people will notice, wherever you go.

Kate Spade Bags, Classic Yet Unique

Cost For A Kate Spade Bag

If you’re familiar with the Kate Spade brand, you know that these iconic bags are simple and classic, yet offer a modern take on retro designs that makes them look one-of-a-kind. Many of the styles come in vibrant colors, patterns, and textures that turn the signature boxy shape handbags into a true fashion statement. This means that you can easily coordinate the bolder choices with your favorite outfits to make them pop, or you can opt for a more understated look that will work perfectly with everything you own.

A Practical Splurge

While most designer purses require a substantial investment, Kate Spade handbags are more moderately priced, although they’re certainly not inexpensive. But when you consider the level of function you will get in return for the cost of the Kate Spade handbags, they are not extravagant. In fact, most Kate Spade purses have a practical side that will allow you to easily take them from a corporate meeting to your toddler’s play date and then to dinner out at the country club without needing to change.

A New Brand Is Born

If you’re not familiar with story of how the Kate Spade line came into existence, you may find the history of this brand quite interesting. It all began in the mid 1990s, when Kate Brosnahan (the “Kate” in Kate Spade) was working as an editor at Mademoiselle Magazine in New York City. Her boyfriend Andy Spade (who soon became her husband and the other half of Kate Spade) encouraged her to leave her job and start her own accessory line. With little money to turn this vision into a reality, Kate Spade designed a simple prototype for a handbag that could be made in different fabrics and textures. She introduced this idea at an industry trade show, and quickly began to get orders from high-end stores whose buyers were intrigued by the mix of understated lines and chic elegance apparent in her designs. Vogue and several other influential fashion magazines also featured the Kate Spade prototype bag.

The earliest popular Kate Spade bags include the black nylon ones with the Kate Spade labels on the front. These continue to be coveted, although the line has evolved much since then. The company now offers a wide variety of other item including Kate Spade diaper bags, small leather goods, beauty products, dishes, stationery, furniture, and clothing. There’s even a man’s line of merchandise that sells under the name of Jack Spade.

Where To Find

Most Kate Spade products can be found at high-end department stores, as well as freestanding Kate Spade boutiques, and the company’s website at .

It’s worth noting that while Andy and Kate Spade had formed a business partnership with Neiman Marcus for a significant duration, the couple gave up their control in Kate Spade completely a few years ago in order to allow the brand to be taken over by Liz Claiborne Co (also the current maker of Juicy Couture), which still retains ownership in 2011.

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