One of the easiest – and perhaps most cost effective—ways to update your look is to buy a new lipstick shade. For a small investment, you will have something that you can wear again and again and it can really serve to brighten your face.

An Easy Update

Cost For Lipstick

If you can’t afford to splurge on new clothes and footwear this season, but are still eager to give your wardrobe a remake, try on one of the latest lipstick colors. Simply changing the tint you select to stay up with the latest makeup trends can be a great way to feel on the cutting edge.

Better yet, some of the lipsticks on the market today are so affordable that you can splurge on a few different types and experiment depending on your mood and your plans each day. In fact, many columnists have devoted great space to the fact that when the economy is bad and women have to cut back on other purchases, lipstick sales have historically increased, since this small item can give the wearer an instant lift without the cost threatening to break the bank.

The Low High Range

Before you shop for a new lipstick, it can be helpful to understand the price range, since there is a wide variation in what you can spend on this item. It boils down to two basic categories: drug-store brands, which are less expensive, and designer lines, which charge more for their products. Many women admit that they aren’t sure if the lower end items are just as good, or if the higher priced lipsticks are worth the extra expense. The experts say it’s a personal preference and really just depends.

On the low end of the spectrum, some of the most accessible lipsticks you can find are stacked on the shelves of most drug stores, grocery stores, discount houses and lower-end specialty cosmetic stores. They come in a variety of finishes and usually can be had for about the price of a sandwich or pizza. On the higher end of the scale, you can find many upscale cosmetic lines lipsticks packaged in shiny cases and selling for between three and ten times the price on their drug store rivals.

Several years back ABC’s Good Morning America informally put different makeup price points to the test to see if women could tell the difference in brands. To this end, volunteers had half of their face professionally made up with the high-end cosmetics, while the other half sported drug store brands. This included a $22 lipstick versus a $2 lipstick. Despite the wide price differences, the participants were equally split on their preferences, which goes to show that high price isn’t always better.

Why Splurge?

Cost For Lipstick

While you may be able to find a large selection of inexpensive lipsticks that you like, you may still decide to splurge on the designer buy. If so, you are certainly not alone. Many women feel it worth the extra money to purchase at the cosmetic counter in a high-end store. There can be several reasons for this decision. First, cosmetic counters usually allow you to try on the color before you buy. Since what you see in the tube and how it looks on your face often are not the same, this can save you some bad lipstick mistakes. In addition, cosmetic counters usually have makeup artists working at them who recommend shades that will work best with your lip texture and coloring. Finally, some of the more expensive brands do tend to stay on better and keep your lips more conditioned. But this is not a given fact. There are numerous examples of inexpensive lipsticks that last all day and keep your lips moist, while some of the designer brands may wear off right away. So you may have to experiment to find the right consistency and ensure it will stay.

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