Cost For Uggs

Are you lusting after a pair (or many pairs) of Uggs (or UGG® Australia) boots? If so, you are in good company, since girls and women of all ages seem especially taken with the simple, slipper-like design of these sheepskin boots, which are relatively easy to find and especially comfortable to wear. Some men are also jumping in on the trend, and the luxury UGG® Australia brand also offers several contemporary styles for them.

A Universal Trend

They could be called the ugg-ly footwear that everyone loves. Despite their awkward, slipper-like design, Ugg boots are one of the few cutting edge items that have such universal appeal that crosses generational lines. Teenagers, college students and even young and middle-age mothers, too, seem to be drawn to the fleecy-lined boots, which are made in Australia by the finest materials. They are designed to keep your feet warm in the winter without needing socks, and also cools them in the summer, making them all the more versatile, too. As a result, you can find people wearing them in schools, supermarkets, on ski slopes and even at the trendiest beaches throughout the United States and abroad. Many surfers also use uggs to keep their feet warm.

What’s In A Name

The name “ugg” (which is also sometimes spelled as ugg, ugh and ug) is a generic term in Australia used to describe this style of sheepskin boots. It actually does come from the Australian slang word, “ugly.” But while any style sheepskin boot may be called an ugg, only the ones available through UGG® Australia are the original, luxury item that everyone seems to crave.

Cost For Uggs

The fact that the name “ugg” is widely used in Australia, and also now in the United States, has caused much controversy for the Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which runs UGG® Australia today and has trademarked the name. The Deckers Corp. has demanded that other companies no longer be allowed to use this name. However, many competitors continue to advertise other brand boots as “uggs” anyway, making it confusing for consumers to weed through the choices – many of which look alike – but aren’t made from the same high-quality material.

The advice most experts offer to would-be ugg owners is only to buy directly from the UGG® Australia website or from another approved UGG® Australia retailer (you can find a list of stores on the Ugg Boots website). Nordstrom also carries a wide selection of the line.

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